Deventer Symfonisch Orkest

Symphony Orchestra

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Deventer Symphony Orchestra

The Deventer Symphonic Orchestra (DSO) consists of 35 amateur musicians. We enjoy making music together and ensure that the quality is high. The orchestra plays a varied repertoire.

100th Anniversary

The Deventer Symphonic Orchestra has existed for more than 100 years. A special event! A lively association with fantastic orchestra members and conductors for a century now.

In the middle of society for more than 100 years

Because it was our birthday, we treated primary school students to a Peter and the Wolf concert in April 2022. We concluded the year 2022 with a grandiose Jubilee concert with music by Beethoven with the exception of the Atlantic Trio. After the break, the orchestra was honored with the silver medal of the city of Deventer and added to the Gulden book of Deventer. Chairman Aafke van der Veer-van Mourik accepted the medal and certificate presented by the mayor Ron König.

Check out our special anniversary page! (in Dutch)

On Saturday, November 11 at 3:00 pm, the century-old, but very much alive Deventer Symphonic Orchestra will give a special concert in the Ichtuskerk in Deventer.

The orchestra conducted by Alike Jonkman Marieke Zeeman (flute), Harmke ten Have (soprano), Fokke Bronsema (tenor) and Paul Beunders (bass) present an interesting program with well-known and unknown pieces.

With works by Fauré, Chaminade, Mozart and Arriaga.

When ordering, you can also buy our Jubilee Book, about 100 years of DSO (at € 20).

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